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Countdown for the Oscars

So it's that time of year when you prepare to get yet another glimpse of perfect and unreachable torsos, complain about the US film industry but watch their movies just the same, select a couple of favourites, make your predictions, and get ready to stay awake until 4 a.m. just to see if you were right.

I don't usually get to the Oscars in my best shape, being acquainted with just three or four nominees at best. On this occasion I'm going to try something different. My intention is to watch ALL NOMINEES I can get ahold of before that special night. Internet being my friend, I think I'll be having a feast. It didn't really start as a plan, but having watched five of the ten movies in the Best Picture category, I decided to go all the way down to ten and beyond. Including documentaries.

Also, just for fun, I'll be posting my impression on the films as I go through them XD Beware, I have a complicated taste with traces of things that never see the light, so my mini-reviews can't be taken too seriously. The best thing to do is always to go to the cinema (come on, at least once) and see for oneself.

To start with, 5 nomineesCollapse )

That's it for now, there'll be more soon XD

Aug. 14th, 2009

Hello, world! I live!

This is a stupid reason to post again, but... I came across this little eneagram quiz on magicpotion's journal (hugs ♥) and felt like pasting my own in here. It's actually a quite accurate one for a two-question meme x_X

Peacemaker~Collapse )

Writing in the woods

Today I moved to El Pinar, a sort of small wood/beach town about 30 km. from the capital. It's been an old dream of mine, to finally be surrounded by nature in a place like this. My cat, D'Artagnan, is amazingly happy as well XD I wanted to drop some lines over here as reference for the future, because I've definitely reached an important milestone in life. It's the beginning of a new stage, and this one will surely be interesting ^_~


Whoever is able to guess the words of this song, will get a special present from me. And since it's TOUGH, to 'guess the words' is to identify, let's say, half of them XDD Or what half of them could be. I have some theories regarding some parts, but most of the song is, aaaaargh, impossible to understand.

Thanks in advance to all who try!! ♥

Just a meme ^^

Esta meme está patrocinada por Minos.

Tomada de yuki_sagara

Pecados capitalesCollapse )
Lo digo sin dar vueltas para la gran marea de hispanoablantes de mi fl... Len y Pau! En los últimos días escribí un fic bl en honor a este manga fantástico, Lost Canvas.

Fandom: Saint Seiya, The Lost Canvas
Pairing: Asmita de Virgo x Manigoldo de Cáncer 8D
Theme: Crack, fluff (más o menos), light lemon y autoengaño mental sobre SPOILER

Este fic tiene muchos spoilers, toneladas, así que abstenerse las que no hayan leído hasta el capítulo 69 de Lost Canvas. La historia está ambientada después de ese capítulo e inmediatamente antes del 70.

Es mi primer intento de fic independiente, así que espero que no resulte un Epic Fail. Escribir un fic es muy distinto de rolear. Dedicado a mi querida amiga Len, mi inspiración XDD Gracias por tu precioso ícono también.

Sin más preámbulos...

Encuentro en un mundo invisibleCollapse )

The happy meme, Days 6 & 7 - To the East!

Yesterday I couldn't post... does this mean I failed the meme challenge?!! Oh noes. Anyway, I had a good reason for missing yesterday, so today it's a double entry.

The happy meme
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

Today's meme is NOT worksafe. BL content ahead (that means homo stuff). DON'T click here if you're an innocent passerby. You've been warned.Collapse )

I'll be leaving to the East in three hours. Len, Camilo and I are going to spend a couple of days in Valizas, a seaside resort about 300 km. from the capital. It's the first time we travel together, let's see if we can stand each other for so long~~ ♥ That's a happiness moment for tomorrow.

*sends hugs for all the silent readers. I know you're there :P. Can see you with my uke powers*
Have a nice new year's eve, everyone! And tomorrow make plans for the future, the first day of the year is only good for that.

I saw Shiryu sleeping with an eight-year-old in SS. Sleeping and hugging. No wonder the series has been censored so many times in the past. I'd include a huge cap in here, but I'm not home so I can't... It's hard to post so many times on the row, you never know if you'll get home on time to do it D:

The happy meme
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

1. Shiryu x Kiki
2. ...Here I should say something like "Family Reunion", but I hate these.

Nothing else. Today was grim. I wanted to cast some spell or read the tarot or at least keep on fangirling, but no luck this year. All that's left to try is some meditation and hope for interesting dreams. Hope everyone had a better 31st.
It's hard to think about something interesting to say about today, because it's been quiet. The only thing worth mentioning is the chicken rolls I managed to pull together in the afternoon, which hopefully will be eatable tomorrow XD I have no idea, since it's the first time I try the recipe, and besides there's no way to know until you cut a slice of the rolls, and I'm not doing that until they're completely cold.

Pic under cutCollapse )

About the series I was talking about, 'Saint Seiya - The Lost Canvas', English scanlations can be found HERE. Yesterday I accidentally linked to Spanish scans :P Have fun if you try it!

[僕は やっぱり 動いている 君が 好きだな。]- "Ah~ cómo me gusta verte tan excitado." That's official.

The happy meme
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

1. Chicken rolls :D (Tomorrow we'll see if they're another cause of joy, or all the opposite.)
2. chocolate_chip's translation! Thanks~
3. Taking a shower and dressing up in a room lit up by candles (That was the gym. There was a blackout and everyone else left, so all the place was mine XD~)
IMPORTANT EDIT: If anybody actually downloads the manga from the links I posted, will come across the unpleasant surprise of finding the scans in Spanish. I forgot to mention this because I always read manga in English, this was an exception... For some reason, Lost Canvas is scanlated much more quickly in Spanish O_o Rumors of the future ovas also come quickly to the Spanish world. Misteries. But still, you can download and see the pictures! It's easy to know what's going on XD;

This entry was ready yesterday, but since LJ was down, it couldn't be published until now T.T

Today I started watching the old, and I mean the oldest, Saint Seiya anime ever done. 12 episodes in total so far. I know I jumped into the fandom a bit late, but Saint Seiya "Lost Canvas", the new series, is to blame for the unexpected turnaround. In case anyone is looking for a new manga to read, the first volume of the series can be downloaded here (part A) and here (part B). Basically there is BL, massive amounts of the hottest bishies I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot), and a nice storyline. It's amazing in every sense, and I cannot imagine any fangirl not wanting to see those guys interact.

I still can't believe I got hooked with a 1986 anime all of a sudden XD;;;

Also, I would like to quote Hades on Lost Canvas, and sort of ask those in my fl with Japanese notions how do they think the following could be translated:

[僕は やっぱり 動いている 君が 好きだな。]

Is it posible that "Ugoku" here is used metaphorically? Because so far, every subber has presented a different translation, and non of them seem quite right. The translations range from "I came because you are my favourite" to "I came because I love you" and "I came because you're moving" (???). I think something like "As I thought, I like to see you so moved" would make sense, but I don't know... ("Moved" like "excited", "passionate", etc.). In the context, Hades says this to Pegasus after beating up some of Pegasus' friends, and yes, Pegasus is screaming a little. He is kind of moved.

So, meme:

The happy meme
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

1. Saint Seiya! The series is not exactly... good, but it's been important for the development of BL, and it was about time for me to culturize myself. And it was great squealing with you, my dear friend ♥
2. Going back to gym after stuffing myself in yesterday party XD I feel so great after doing exercise.
3. Watching "Los Simuladores" (In English, "Pretenders") with my mom on dvd. Today's episode was "El debilitador social" ("The social weakener"... I guess? xD). I once wanted to sub that series into English, because it's so worth it.